The projects’s aim is to show the practicability in terms of integrating big solar thermal systems in brewing industry processes

Brewing Industry Processes qualify themselves for the integration of solar heat because of their process temperatures. Processes with temperature ranges between 50 to 100 degrees C are very capable for the integration of solar thermal plants as the efficiency of solar collectors (flat plate and vacuum tube) in this temperature range is high.

To accumulate experience in this field of technology the construction of three solar thermal plants in three different locations of HEINEKEN Supply Chain B.V. is planned: one in Portugal, one in Spain and one in Austria (Gösser). The total installed capacity of these plants will be 5,08 MWth corresponding to a 7 270 m² collector area.

Video: Heineken GoessBrewery

Project management:

DI Christoph Brunner


Europäische Kommission (FP 7)



Project partner:

HEINEKEN Supply Chain B.V., NL
GEA Brewery Systems GmbH, D



Fr. 9. Jun. 17

1. Sonnenhaustagung - Bedeutung von Sonnenhäusern für die Energiewende

Venue: Wirtschaftskammer Österreich, Sky Lounge, Wiedner Hauptstraße 63, 1045 Wien

Organiser: Initiative Sonnenhaus Österreich, Austria Solar, AEE INTEC

Fr. 30. Jun. 17

qm heizwerke Fachtagung: Biomasse-Nahwärme – Neue Wege gehen!

Venue: qm heizwerke Programmmanagement

Organiser: AEE INTEC

25. - 27. Apr. 17

GREENFOODS - Training - Wien, 25 - 27. April 2017

Venue: Fachverband der Lebensmittelindustrie, Zaunergasse 1-3, 1030 Wien

Organiser: AEE INTEC