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Mi. 18. Sep. 24

IEA IETS Task 17 - Membranes in Biorefineries

Veranstaltungsort: online, 08:00 - 18:00 Uhr

Veranstalter: AEE INTEC

Workshop on
IEA IETS Task 17 “Membranes in Biorefineries - Integration of emerging membrane separation processes in biorefineries for research, industry and decision-makers“

The IEA IETS Annex 17 is intended to continue to strengthen the transfer of know-how between research and development in energy and resource efficient applications of membrane processes in biorefineries. The national task of Austria is embedded in your international efforts on Task 17 and is intended to strengthen the Austrian research landscape through network activities in the field of biorefineries.

The workshop focuses on two main topics:

1. Recovery of valuable volatile compounds using new membranes

2. Membrane reactors and novel modules

Following two keynote speakers providing a sound overview on the topic, four to five invited experts will present their work on associated topics on membrane materials, membrane distillation, membrane contactors, and membrane modules. The workshop will continue with three to four break-out sessions where discussions are intensified and novel ideas on integration concepts of membranes in biorefineries will be elaborated and discussed.

The workshop is free of charge.