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Bachelor’s thesis International Market Analysis of Solar Hot Water Systems

AEE - Institute for Sustainable Technologies (AEE INTEC) is a non-university research institute founded in 1988. AEE INTEC currently employs around 80 researchers from eleven nations and hosts PhD, master students, bachelor students and interns. AEE INTEC works in the fields of "Buildings", "Cities and Networks", "Technology Development" and "Industrial Systems" on fundamental and application-oriented research in national and international R&D projects.

Research project
The bachelor’s thesis is part of the ongoing international collaboration effort within IEA SHC Task 69 (https://task69.iea-shc.org). AEE INTEC leads the Austrian participation of the Task and Subtask A of
the international project. The purpose of the Task is to investigate which technologies are the most appropriate now and into 2030 for solar-derived hot water, considering the full spectrum of global economic development and focusing on solar thermal thermosyphon and PV hot water systems. The major assignment for AEE INTEC is to compile a report on most dominant solar water heating systems and state-of-the-art reviews, document success stories, investigate emerging products and analyze research trends with the help of contributors from around the globe.

Bachelor’s thesis
The focus is on performing an in-depth market analysis of thermosyphon and PV hot water systems worldwide. This is done in cooperation with international participants of the IEA SHC Task 69.


  • Collect market data of thermosyphon and PV hot water systems worldwide (reports, first handresearch), systemize the collected data and compile a summary report including state-of-the-art technologies, dominant markets, systems and trends
  • Review existing system configurations and document best practice examples

We offer

  • Paid bachelor's thesis
  • Intensive support, involvement in a participative team
  • Exchange with international solar experts, online participation in IEA SHC Task 69 meeting

We expect

  • Current enrolment in a bachelor’s program with a focus on Energy Economics, Renewable Energy Systems, Energy Management, Environmental Engineering, or similar
  • Good knowledge of MS Office and data management skills (Excel/VBA, Python)
  • Good knowledge of English (CEFR B2 level or equivalent)

Work plan
Planned duration: 3 months
Start date: March 2023 or asap
Location: Gleisdorf (Austria) / home office

DI Daniel Tschopp, MA BSc
d.tschopp @aee.at
+43 (0) 3112 / 5886-256