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Renewable Energy

Every year enough solar radiation arrives on earth to cover the world's energy needs 14,400 times over. In order to make optimal use of solar and other renewable energy sources for the generation of thermal and electrical energy, efficient, robust and innovative conversion technologies are needed, which must be at the beginning of any sustainable energy system.

The working group "Renewable Energies" conceives, develops and demonstrates renewable energy technologies as solutions for concrete market problems and accompanies product developments from the drawing board to implementation.

In addition to more than 30 years of experience in thermal solar technology, developments of PVT collectors (combined solar thermal and photovoltaic), novel compression heat pumps and absorption technologies for chillers, heat pumps and heat transformers are pursued at the institute. Parallel to the development of prototypes in the institute's own technical laboratory, the working group can look back on many years of experience in monitoring and data-driven optimisation of real urban and industrial energy systems. Technological developments are therefore always carried out in consideration of a holistic and integrated energy system, while close contact with users and customers ensures that research work is always oriented towards real needs and requirements of the market.

Portrait Christoph  Rohringer

DI Christoph Rohringer

Head of unit Renewable Energies