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The manufacturing industry currently consumes about 30% of Europe's energy needs. At the same time, advancing digitization will lead to significant increases in productivity and thus in energy demand over the next few years. The decarbonisation of industrial energy systems and their best possible integration into existing supply networks and sector coupling is essential for achieving the climate targets. In this environment and due to legal requirements, many companies define ambitious visions of sustainable production. Concepts range from 100% supply through renewable energy in combination with energy and resource efficiency to a radical innovative leap in industrial production.

The department "Industrial Systems" sees itself as a contact for the development and realization of innovative and visionary implementation concepts for nationally and internationally operating production companies and research partners. The core of the solutions offered is the increase in energy and resource efficiency and the share of renewable energy sources in hybrid process and supply systems. With the help of digitalization as a method and tool, concepts are developed which design, operate and link the in-house supply with other sectors under technical, ecological and economic aspects.

Portrait Wolfgang  Weiss

Wolfgang Weiss

Head of department Industrial systems