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Master Thesis: Development of a GIS-supported methodology for planning and evaluation of remediation and decarbonisation strategies for urban neighbourhoods


AEE - Institute for Sustainable Technologies (AEE INTEC) is a non-university research institution founded in 1988. AEE INTEC currently employs around 80 people from 14 different nations in Gleisdorf. With 4 PhD students, 5 to 10 diploma students, interns and student assistants, the institute also contributes to the training of highly qualified specialists. Activities:

  • Basic and applied research
  • National and international R&D projects
  • Cooperation with universities, other research institutions and industry

AEE INTEC works in the fields of "Thermal Energy Technologies and Hybrid Systems", "Building and Retrofit" and "Industrial Processes and Energy Systems".

Research project

The decarbonisation and sustainable design of urban neighbourhoods are central challenges for an imminent energy and heat transformation. The application of GIS-based methods to support planning and the analysis and visualisation of measurement, building and simulation data is an increasingly important tool in this context. The further development of these methods and the integration of new approaches such as CityGML, interactive web tools and linking of different methods is a necessity in order to do justice to the complexity of these tasks.

In this master thesis / internship a methodology based on existing approaches shall be extended and developed on the basis of a concrete urban quarter, which enables a GIS-supported evaluation of different remediation and decarbonisation strategies.

Content MSc thesis

The master thesis is integrated into an ongoing research project of AEE INTEC and will be carried out in close cooperation with the project team as well as selectively with the entire project consortium.

The content of the master thesis / internship focuses on the development of a GIS-supported methodology for the planning and evaluation of remediation and decarbonisation strategies for urban neighbourhoods. In addition to an inventory and the conceptual design of a methodology, this methodology will be implemented and tested in suitable programming environments and software tools.

We expect…

  • Creative, exact, independent and solution-oriented work
  • Knowledge in geoinformatics with affinity to application development and programming
  • Basic knowledge in environmental engineering / energy system analysis or similar
  • Experience with database and WebGIS development (SQL, PHP, HTML 5, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX) demanded
  • Experience with Python recommended
  • Experience with XML and CityGML advantageous
  • Very good written and spoken knowledge of German and/or English

We offer...

  • Paid Master thesis integrated into a leading national research project
  • Intensive support by qualified, experienced employees in the field of spatial energy planning
  • Planned duration: 6 months; Start: by arrangement

Contact details

Ingo Leusbrock
+43 3112/5886-261