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Stanz+ An innovative, energy-flexible plus-energy quarter – the centre of the village Stanz

Stanz + is elaborating an energy strategy for structurally weak municipalities with specific measures for redevelopment of existing buildings and densification with regard to the building stock as well as the integration of renewable energy sources in the municipality of Stanz im Mürztal (Styria). The project includes approaches that can be duplicated with regard to energy autonomy, flexibility of the energy networks and energetical revitalization involving users in the "Rural Pioneers Community" in order to develop and use energy services.

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Nahwärmeverbund 4.0

The “Nahwärmeverbund 4.0” addresses the two most urgent problems of Austrian biomass heating plants in order to make these plants fit for the future - data management/digitization & implementation of technical R&DI measures.

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RES-DHC stands for a wider introduction of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) in the District Heating and Cooling (DHC) sector. The RES-DHC project addresses the manifold market uptake challenges related to the transformation of DHC systems to higher shares of RES.


Smart Mainstreaming - Demonstration of the multiplicability of participative processes in standard residential construction

In Eggersdorf, new living space is created through cooperative and interdisciplinary development processes.


energy²POG – Hybrid Energy Concept for Steirereck/Pogusch – Renewable Energies and Cost Efficient Operation

A plus-energy ensemble is planned at the gastronomy and hotel project "Steirereck - Pogusch", through energetic and ecological optimisation measures of the existing building stock and new building parts.


EXCESS - Flexible user-centric energy positive houses

The EXCESS project builds up on nearly-zero energy multi-storey building (consumption below primary energy threshold) residential concepts of the main 4 EU climatic zones towards Energy fleXible user-CEntric poSitive houseS (EXCESS).


CORES - Integration of combined renewable energy systems for industry

Secure energy supply is of great importance for industry and can only be achieved through the optimal use of all available renewable resources in order to meet international climate targets.


SCIN - Sophisticated Comfort Oriented Intelligent Building Envelopes

The main focus of the SCIN project, which is carried out within the framework of the COIN programme line "Aufbau" of the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs (BMDW), is the development of an application-oriented and market-ready service portfolio for companies from the construction and building technology sector, in order to simplify the development of energy-active facades, significantly shorten development times and reduce development costs.


Amstetten Smart City Life 2030 - FutureHub

Amstetten has a clear vision to use the district development in the vacated ÖBB railway station area as an opportunity for a big step towards Zero-Emission-City. A systemic approach to sustainable heating and cooling, including a low-temperature network with technical measures at building and neighbourhood level and initiatives to change mobility behaviour, should contribute to reducing the CO2 footprint in the medium term.


SCORES - Self-Consumption of Renewable Energy by Hybrid Storage Systems

SCORES will combine and optimize the multi-energy generation, storage and consumption of local renewable energy (electricity and heat) and grid supply, bringing new sources of flexibility to the grid, and enabling reliable operation with a positive business case in Europe’s building stock.

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