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The Soltherm Europe Initiative - SOLTHERM

To promote the use of solar energy, the European Commission started the “Soltherm Europe Initiative“ in 2002. The project is an initiative to enhance the rapid market growth of thermal solar plants in Europe.


OPET Building

The Network gathers 36 expert organisations throughout the Europe (12 EU countries, 9 Candidate countries and Israel), all having a mandate to promote innovative, energy-efficient energy technologies with a focus on building-related technologies.


Potential study for solar thermal energy application in the industry

Promise – production with solar energy. Documentation of examples of solar thermal applications in the industry, identification of production processes and industry sectors, which need low temperature heat, evaluation of the potential for solar thermal systems to generate low temperature heat in the industry, case studies for industry sectors and processes with large, medium term implementing potential.


SWAMP – Sustainable water systems for tourism facilities

Sustainable Water Management and Wastewater Purification in Tourism Facilities


Solar combisystems

Erection of approximately 140 solar thermal combisystems in 6 European countries in cooperation with the solar thermal industry.


Operational analysis and optimisation of the passive office building “W.E.I.Z.”

The energy innovation centre of the city of Weiz, “W.E.I.Z.”, represents the state of the art of energy efficiency and economical building technology as a passive house building.


Passive cooling concepts for office and administration buildings by means of underground heat exchanger

Passive cooling concepts for office and administration buildings with air or water operated underground heat exchanger. Comparison between passive cooling concepts and conventional air conditioning systems.


Solar supported heating networks

Optimisations and standardisation of system concepts for solar thermal systems in multi-family houses.

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