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GALVANO-MD - Membrane distillation for energy-efficient treatment (concentration) of electroplating liquids

Within the scope of this project the membrane distillation will be further developed for the treatment of galvanizing and etching baths. By conducting tests on a laboratory scale and on pilot scale (in a technical centre and directly in an electro-plating plant) a well suited membrane module is going to be developed and operation parameters are optimized. In a next step, the potential of the membrane distillation for the use in an industrial purpose should be pointed out. The potential for thermal energy reductions and, due to the low process temperatures, the possibility to use waste heat and solar thermal energy as a heat source will be pointed out and the economic feasibility will be evaluated . The achievement of this project is an optimized pilot facility with an optimized membrane module, representing the basis for an upscale to a large-scale facility.


IEA-EBC-Annex 61: Development and Demonstration of Financial and Technical Concepts for Deep Energy Retrofits of Government/Public Buildings and Building Clusters

Main focus in IEA Annex 61 is on the development of technical and economical concepts for Deep Energy Retrofit of public buildings.


Tes4seT - Thermal Energy Storage for Sustainable Energy Technology

Efficient short and long term thermal energy storage technologies are crucial in enhancing energy security and in improving energy efficiency in energy conversion, distribution and end use in three sectors of energy use: buildings, industry, and mobility.


Air_plus: Simple ventilation systems – energy- and resource-efficient, affordable for the renovation of residential buildings

The project aims at developing simple, affordable, energy- and resource-efficient ventilation systems for the renovation of residential buildings. They consist of less materials, are easy in installation, maintenance and cleaning. They use the heat of the exhaust air, protect against moisture and ensure a minimum of indoor air quality and comfort being at the same time cost-effective over the life-cycle.


BEZUG – Inquiry of the needs regarding the energy future of communities and their owned buildings

Surveying an actual vein among Styrian communities, the project „BEZUG“ will generate a catalogue of ten future-oriented and life-cycle analyzed measures regarding energy supply and building performance as valid basis of decision-making for all Styrian communities.


IEA SHC Task 52 - Solar Heat and Energy Economics in Urban Environments

IEA SHC Task 52 focuses on the analysis of the future role of solar thermal heat in integrated urban energy supply systems.

The aim of the task is to provide a holistic decision support for urban energy planners or energy providers and to disseminate the outcomes to other relevant stake holders such as energy policy decision makers.

Land Oberösterreich

Optimisation of primary energy consumption of solar (thermal) cooling plants by means of efficient technology and innovative control strategies

The R&D Project „Optimisation of primary energy consumption of solar (thermal) cooling plants by means of efficient  technology and innovative control strategies“ (SolarCoolingOpt) aimed to  find out the optimized configurations and control strategies for solar thermal cooling plants regarding primary energy balance.


Combined Development of Compact Thermal Energy Storage Technologies

In this project, three different technologies for the compact seasonal storage of solar heat are being developed. Systems of these technologies are designed, built and tested in the laboratory or in the field.



The RENEW SCHOOL project aims at transferring know-how and promoting prefabricated timber modules, ventilation, shading and renewable energy-systems to be logical solutions of school renovations. This will be done by networking, exchange and training activities between research, economy, school owners and financiers.


Ship Malaysia - Solar Heat and Energy Efficiency for Industrial Processes in Malaysia

The Global Environment Facility and the United Nations Industrial Development implements a project dealing with energy efficiency and solar process heat in Malaysia. There have been done several studies beforehand to investigate the technical potential, contact industries and organise trainings.

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