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RENEWnow - New impulses for the highly energy-efficient renovation of big-volume residential buildings and districts

RENEWnow explores an innovative approach for the highly energy-efficient renovation of apartment buildings in Austria. The aim is to develop a new service model (one-stop shop) for property managers, housing and owner associations through a targeted, novel mix of technical and non-technical measures.


ENTRAIN - Enhancing renewable heat planning for improving the air quality of communities

The ENTRAIN project aims at improving the capacities of public authorities to develop and implement local strategies and action plans for enhancing the use of endogenous renewable energy sources in small district heating networks.


Energiestrategie ASFINAG

Development of a strategy to deploy renewable energy in consideration of energy efficiency at ASFINAG.

AEE INTEC and REENAG consulted ASFINAG (the Austrian motorway operator) in their aim of identifying the potential for renewable energy with their own resources and areas.

The identified potentials were evaluated on profitability, feasibility and possible ways of implementation and financing. Further steps were presented and discussed.


klimaaktiv qm heizwerke

klimaaktiv qm heizwerke” is a nationwide quality management system to improve the technical quality and efficiency of biomass heating plants and district heating networks.

It is part of the Austrian Climate Initiative “klimaaktiv” launched in 2004 by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management.


Klimaaktiv building

„klimaaktiv Buildings” is an Austrian programme to promote energy efficiency, high ecological quality, comfort and best performance of new and retrofitted buildings. It is one of five thematic clusters within the framework of “klimaaktiv”, the “climate protection” initiative of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management, embedded in the Austrian Federal Climate Strategy.


Energy audit Stiegl brewery

The Stiegl brewery is the biggest production sites in Austria, with a total beer production of more than 1 Mio. Hl. Through several measures, like the complete redesign of the brew house, huge energy demand savings were achieved.


Consultation for solar thermal applications

AEE INTEC carries out consultations for solar thermal applications for single and multi-family houses as well as plannings for tiled stove applications in combination with solar thermal systems.


ST-ESCOs - Development of pilot Solar Thermal Energy Service Companies

The actual problem faced by this project is that although solar thermal applications are technologically mature and economically advantageous in the long term, they have still little penetration in the European market, with respect to their potential. One of the main reasons is that end users (especially for large systems) are still reluctant to face the high initial investment cost and doubtful for the reliability and durability of solar installations.


FEEt - Bestehende fossile oder teilfossile Fernwärmenetze - Einbindung von dezentraler Energie aus Erneuerbaren Energieträgern - Chancen und Hemmnisse

The Austrian district heating systems with a total length of more than 3,400 km and more than 13,000 GWh heat generation per year, show great potential for the adoption of renewable energy (seen as long-terms)...


Photovoltaic and solar thermal systems for hospitals in Wasso and Endulen, Tanzania

The hospitals in Wasso and Endulen in the most northern part of Serengeti in Tanzania were erected with Austrian aid in the beginning of the 60ies.

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