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Feasibility Biomasseheizwerk Weizberg

Through the implementation of a central heat storage and a new load management by means of mutual communication of all system components, the efficiency of the existing biomass heating plant in Weizberg, a historic and protected district in the city of Weiz, should be increased.


SFG Feasibility study ROTOFRANK

The aim of the “MD-to-Market” project is to develop the basis for the implementation of a first large-scale membrane distillation system (MD) in the electroplating industry based on the findings of the completed research project “Galvano-MD”.


EnableDigitalDH - Data science for better data quality: missing link for successful data-driven digitalisation of district heating

The increased use of smart meters in district heating creates opportunities to apply a wide range of data driven techniques for optimisation and control. High quality data is essential for these techniques, and this project seeks to explore robust, automated data cleaning and imputation processes.


IEA SHC Task 55 - Towards the Integration of Large SHC Systems into DHC Networks

IEA SHC Task 55 aims to develop technical and economic requirements for the commercial market introduction of solar district heating and cooling (DHC) for a broad range of countries.


AWKST - Waste heat register Styria

The Waste Heat Register Styria 2012 was able to initiate many waste heat utilisations. The new edition plays a key role in the Climate and Energy Strategy Styria to foster more waste heat utilisation projects.


Energy planning Kapfenberg

Wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) have versatile potential to become the turnstile of energy and resource networks. An innovative heating concept is being developed and implemented at the Kapfenberg WWTP.


CollFieldEff+ - Modeling of thermal power output of large collector arrays and development of an in situ collector array test method

The topic of the industrial PhD project CollFieldEff+ is modeling and characterization of the thermal power output of collector arrays with covered flat plate collectors.


DevMoTES - Methodology development for accelerated generation of thermal energy storage models for transient system simulations

The main goal of this dissertation project is the development of new methods for building thermal energy storage models for dynamic system simulations. With these methods the development of numerical models should become faster, more efficient and less costly.


SOLTRAIN Phase IV - Southern African Solar Thermal Training and Demonstration Initiative – Phase IV

SOLTRAIN started in 2009 and is currently in its fourth phase of cooperation with partner institutions in Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.

By end of December 2018, about 2,380 people were trained in 87 training courses and 221 solar thermal systems ranging from 2 to 600 m² collector area per system have been installed during the Phase I to Phase III of the SOLTRAIN project.


SOLTRAIN Phase III - Southern African Solar Thermal Training and Demonstration Initiative – Phase III

According to the World Bank today some 25 countries in Sub-Sahara Africa are facing a crisis evidenced by rolling electricity blackouts. Solar Water Heating Systems for domestic uses but also for heating and cooling of hospitals, hotels, student hostels and also for providing heat for industrial processes could play a major role in reducing the stress on the security of electricity supply in the six partner countries Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.

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