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Sustainable Industrial Resource Management in selected priority sectors of Nicaragua (NICATEC)

The goal of the project is to establish the prerequisites for the sustainable use of solar thermal energy in the food and tourism sectors of Nicaragua. To achieve this goal a comprehensive training programme is going to be carried out. Furthermore feasibility studies will be carried out and several demonstration projects are going to be installed in close cooperation of AEE INTEC and CPML (National Cleaner Production Centre Nicaragua).


Solar cooling with parabolic trough collectors and steam jet ejector chiller

A system for solar cold production is being developed in this project. Parabolic trough collectors are used to generate steam at a temperature level of 150-200°C. The steam then drives a steam jet ejector chiller.


Advanced storage concepts for solar and low energy buildings, IEA-SHC Task 32

In Task 32 of the International Energy Agency, advanced heat storage concepts for solar and low energy buildings are being developed. These storage concepts should allow to reach a solar fraction of more than 50 % for single-family houses with a high energy density and low costs.


ESOFEEt – Energy services for optimised district heating summer load to a better integration of renewable energy sources

Development of practicable energy services for the summer utilization of district heating systems with reference to existing technologies to improve the efficiency and potentialities for the integration of renewable energy.


ROSH - development and marketing of integrated concepts for energy efficient and sustainable retrofitting of social housing

ROSH stands for retrofitting of social housing and was an European project for developing and marketing integrated concepts for energy efficient and sustainable retrofitting of social housing funded by Intelligent Energy Europe. The project was implemented from January 2006 to June 2008 by twelve partner organisations from Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Poland.


„Energy in minds!“

- an EU project from the CONCERTO initiative in the 6th framework program


klima:aktiv haus

Klima:aktiv haus” is an Austrian program to promote ecological low and passive energy buildings within the framework of an “climate protection” initiative of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management. The target markets are multi-storey residential buildings as well as single-family houses, with the emphasis on prefabricated buildings. The network “climate active new buildings” started in July 2005 and will run for 4 years.


Thermography and consulting service

The Thermography and Consulting Campaign of the Austrian state Styria was initiated five years ago by the department of housing funding (A 15). The campaign helps building owners with practically relevant building renovation measures and is coordinated by the Grazer Energieagentur (energy agency of the city of Graz).


ökosan – modernisation-initiative East Styria

Dramatically increasing energy prices and the future EU building directive, which require “energy certificates”, make it obvious: an energetic modernisation of existing buildings is a reasonable and necessary investment in the future. For a broad implementation, there is a need of new instruments, for example a combination of comprehensive information and consultancy as well as ecologically oriented public support.


Consultation for solar thermal applications

AEE INTEC carries out consultations for solar thermal applications for single and multi-family houses as well as plannings for tiled stove applications in combination with solar thermal systems.

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