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Technical lab & demonstration

Experiments and investigations on prototypes in the laboratory as well as on pilot applications in the field form the backbone of applied research at AEE INTEC. For several decades, the cross-sectional area "Technical Laboratory & Data" has been developing new methods, accompanying research projects and offering special services for corporate partners. The range of activities and services extends from the development of functional models and prototypes to the implementation of universal measurement and control tasks and the development of new, smart sensor technologies. In direct cooperation with the three target group areas and the technology area, a thermal laboratory (source-sink system, HIL, control strategies), a process engineering laboratory (membrane separation processes, flow reactors), a storage technology laboratory (thermochemical storage, CLC) and a building technology laboratory (energy-active facades, interior climate, comfort) are operated.

Research is not an end in itself. It is the declared goal of AEE INTEC to accompany as many research results as possible up to the concrete implementation in pilot applications and thus to make decisive contributions to the achievement of climate targets. Developments can be successfully demonstrated and important experiences can be passed on for multiplier through scientific support. At the same time, the findings from the application of new technologies and systems under practical conditions form the basis for optimization and for fundamentally new approaches to solutions. With distinctive domain knowledge and an interdisciplinary team, AEE INTEC regularly translates research results into real-world implementation by means of concrete demonstration plants. The fields of application are manifold and are oriented towards the topics of our work areas, e.g. the demonstration of new solutions in the new construction and renovation of buildings, in industrial processes and systems, renewable energy supply technologies, energy systems on neighbourhood and city levels, the establishment of energy spatial planning, etc.

Portrait Waldemar  Wagner

Ing. Waldemar Wagner

Leader of the department for Technical lab & demonstration