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Water is the most important resource on earth. In Austria, 2.6 billion m³ of water are used in various sectors, the majority is discharged as waste water in sewage treatment plants. The costs of wastewater disposal are often higher than the costs of purchasing fresh water. AEE INTEC researches and develops new technological solutions and concepts for closing water cycles and recycling valuable materials to ensure sustainable use of the resource water. Water audits are an important tool to develop sustainable concepts for closing water cycles in industry - AEE INTEC offers this service to companies and develops cross-industry optimization approaches. A special focus in technology development is the testing, design and demonstration of membrane distillation as an innovative process for purification, recycling and recovery of valuable substances from industrial process and waste water streams. The removal of nitrogen from wastewater by means of membrane distillation and its utilization as a valuable substance (energy vector, chemical, nutrient) is one of the key technologies developed at AEE INTEC.

Portrait Bettina  Muster

DIin Dr.in Bettina Muster

Head of units Water and Process Technologies