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Knowledge transfer

AEE INTEC conducts applied research with the aim of making an important contribution to achieving the climate targets set. In order to achieve the highest possible dissemination and increase the impact of the results, these results are also shared with the general public. Through our conferences, training courses and the AEE INTEC Journal, the complex research topics are prepared and made available to a broad public.

The International Sustainable Energy Conference - ISEC -, organized by AEE INTEC, aims to promote innovative ideas in the fields of renewable energy systems and resource efficiency and provides a forum for research, industry and energy policy every two years.

In the quarterly journal "Sustainable Technologies" (also available as e-journal) exciting research topics of AEE INTEC and project partners are presented in an understandable way and invite further reading.

Contents of the trainings cover all areas and focal points at AEE INTEC. The programme offered includes the implementation and demonstration of solar thermal systems, the training of certified energy experts or the implementation of industrial energy efficiency and sustainable energy systems.

With our experienced experts, we see ourselves as a renowned and reliable provider of highly qualified knowledge transfer and offer this in Austria, Europe and worldwide.