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Data monitoring and testing

Portrait Waldemar  Wagner

Waldemar Wagner

Leader of the department for Measurement Engineering

Key activities: Laboratory infrastructure, Conceptual design and measurement technology for prototype testing facilities, Component development in the field of thermal storage systems, Monitoring of sustainable buildings, field test facilities

Portrait Reinhard  Pertschy

Reinhard Pertschy

Key activities: Measurement and control technology, Simulation of plant components, Conceptual design and construction of hardware- in-the-loop testing facilities, Monitoring of sustainable buildings

Portrait Christoph  Rohringer

Christoph Rohringer

Key activities: Conceptual design and construction of laboratory scale testing facilities for component and system development, Solar thermal collector tests, Measurement technology for industrial process- and energy systems at laboratory scale

Portrait Roland  Kerschenbauer

Roland Kerschenbauer

Key activities: Conceptual design and construction of laboratory test facilities, Measurement– and control technology, System– and component development, Test facilities in field applications