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Building and Retrofit

Portrait Karl  Höfler

Dr. Karl Höfler

Head of department Sustainable buildings

Key activities: Components and systems for sustainable buildings, innovative energy concepts for buildings and housing areas. Building renovation, building physics and construction.

Portrait Anna Maria  Fulterer

Anna Maria Fulterer

Key activities: Energy balancing, ventilation systems, retrofit

Portrait Armin  Knotzer

Armin Knotzer

Key activities: Retrofit of school buildings, components and technologies for passive houses and building retrofit

Portrait Daniel  Rüdisser

Daniel Rüdisser

Key activities: Simulation, physics, metrology design, building science, thermal and hygrothermal analysis, climate, energy efficiency

Portrait Heimo  Staller

Heimo Staller

Key activities: Innovative energy concepts for buildings and building clusters, development and monitoring of demonstration projects, sustainable materials & constructions

Portrait David  Venus

David Venus

Key activities: HVAC components and systems for low energy and passive houses, energy performance certificates for buildings (PHPP)

Portrait Tobias  Weiss

Tobias Weiss

Key activities: Life Cycle Analysis / Life Cycle Costs, Sustainable Materials & Constructions, Demonstration Projects, Energy Flexible Net Zero Energy Buildings, Integrated Planning Processes

Portrait Andrea  Zirkl

Andrea Zirkl

Key activities: Status analysis of thermal rehabilitation of Styrian public buildings