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Industrial Processes and Energy Systems

The producing industry accounts for about 30% of energy demand in the EU. It plays an important role in reaching national as well as international climate goals and in reducing fossil CO2 emissions.

Many companies are therefore making plans to leave fossil fuels behind in the near future and have been developing concepts to cover 100% of their energy demand with renewables, in combination with energy and resource efficiency.

The department Industrial Processes and Energy Systems “IPE” is a point of reference for the development and realisation of innovative and visionary implementation concepts for national and international production plants as well as research partners.

IPE offers solutions to increase energy and resource efficiency according to technical, ecological and economic aspects.

This is achieved by developing and optimising production methods and process technologies with the efficient use of resources (energy, raw and auxiliary materials) as well as integration of renewable energy sources.


Main Topics

Energy and Resource Efficiency for the Industry with focus on the industrial sectors of food and drinks, automotive, textile as well as metal working and processing
Industry in Energy Systems as energy and material supplier/consumer in connection with district heating, electric, gas and water grids
Process Intensification, Membrane Distillation (pipe-flow reactor) for industrial production processes, industrial process water and sewage treatment, for municipal wastewater treatment plants and for nitrogen recovery in industry and agriculture as well as in biogas plants.
Solar Process Heat providing solar thermal heat in production processes