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Smart Mainstreaming - Demonstration of the multiplicability of participative processes in standard residential construction

In Eggersdorf, new living space is created through cooperative and interdisciplinary development processes.


energy²POG – Hybrid Energy Concept for Steirereck/Pogusch – Renewable Energies and Cost Efficient Operation

A plus-energy ensemble is planned at the gastronomy and hotel project "Steirereck - Pogusch", through energetic and ecological optimisation measures of the existing building stock and new building parts.


ComRed - Complexity reduction for planning, simulation, optimisation and control of district heating systems

ComRed seeks for a central criterion which tool and which paradigm is suitable for fully dynamic simulation of large-scale district heating and cooling systems and the models that approximates the behaviour of the original system to decrease the computational time.


IEA SHC Task 64 - SHIP on Solar Heat in Industrial Processes

The main objective of the task is to identify, verify and promote the role of SHIP systems (Solar Heat for Industrial Processes) as reliable part of the industrial energy supply system, both as single component or part of an integrated energy system. Technical and non-technical barriers will be tackled. The main contribution of the Austrian part of the project are [1] a dimensioning and integration guideline as well [2] a Guideline to Market for SHIP and integrated energy systems.


Green BIM - Green building infrastructure as part of BIM-based planning and maintenance

The Green BIM project merges the greening and Building Information Modeling (BIM) into friction-free planning, implementation and maintenance of building greenery, with the aim of achieving additions to the IFC standard (ISO 16739).


DataDrivenLM - Improving the system efficiency of district heating networks by intelligent and data driven load management

The systematic evaluation of the operating data of district heating plant holds an enormous, but hardly used potential for system optimization. In the DataDrivenLM project, a load and forecast modelling is created using a data-driven approach and cross-domain data sources.


EXCESS - Flexible user-centric energy positive houses

The EXCESS project builds up on nearly-zero energy multi-storey building (consumption below primary energy threshold) residential concepts of the main 4 EU climatic zones towards Energy fleXible user-CEntric poSitive houseS (EXCESS).


Digital Energy Twin - Optimised operation and design of industrial energy systems

To increase efficiency and sustainability in industry a harmonization of energy supply systems with regard to the actual need of industry processes is necessary as well as load management strategies.


Arrowhead Tools

The Arrowhead Tools project aims for digitalisation and automation solutions for the European industry, which will close the gaps that hinder the IT/OT integration by introducing new technologies in an open source platform for the design and run-time engineering of IoT and System of Systems.


CORES - Integration of combined renewable energy systems for industry

Secure energy supply is of great importance for industry and can only be achieved through the optimal use of all available renewable resources in order to meet international climate targets.

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