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AbSolut - Absorption technologies as solutions for sustainable district heating and cooling

The aim of the project ‘Absolut’ is the detailed evaluation of the integration of absorption-heatpumping-systems in district heating & cooling grids. The use of those systems allows the integration of renewables and waste heat and its related increase of grid capacities a more flexible energy supply. For several use cases, the integration of those plants will be investigated in detail based on technical and economical criteria.  Whitin this project business models and data-based optimization in close cooperation with users, utilities and technology providers are developed.


MoreStore - Know-how for innovative integration and assessment of large-scale thermal energy storages

The main objective of the project is to develop and provide the necessary know-how for SMEs to successfully realize large-scale thermal energy storage projects in Austria.


GIZ_Consulting_Lviv - Support for the development of the district heating network in Lviv, Ukraine

AEE INTEC supports local stakeholders in Lviv, Ukraine, in modernizing and decarbonizing the district heating


NextHyb2 - Next generation hybrid2 modeling for the analysis and optimization of integrated, intelligent energy systems

Digitization has made it possible to monitor physical systems, to enable communication between systems, and to control these systems themselves. This leads to new requirements for modeling, simulation and optimization. The exploratory project NextHyb2 addresses this research gap by analysing and evaluating the concept of hybrid-hybrid system simulations for integrated energy systems.


INXS - Industrial Excess Heat

Industrial waste heat will play an essential role in the future energy landscape. INXS will comprehensively survey waste heat potentials and improve the framework conditions for external waste heat utilization.



In the lead project "Quick BIO-NET", a quick check tool for the initial assessment of local heating networks was developed. This enables an first benchmarking to determine the status quo and a streamlined analysis of the potential of renewable technologies for local heating networks.


IEA EBC Annex 81 – Data-Driven Smart Buildings

The overarching Annex aim is to increase access to low-cost high-quality data from buildings and support the development of data-driven energy efficiency ‘Applications’ and analytics.


Ammonia2HeatStorage - Development of a long-term storage system through the combination of CLC and "green" ammonia by means of Membrane Distillation

The objective is to achive proof of concept of a fixed bed CLC storage prototype using "green" ammonia obtained from wastewater streams by means of vacuum membrane distillation technology, as only fuel.


IEA IETS Annex XI - Industry based biorefineries

IEA IETS Annex XI pursues the goal of developing industrial solutions to achieve extensive decarbonization of various energy sectors through integrated biorefineries. Decision-making tools will be developed to support industry in the development of sustainable bio-economy strategies and to focus on reducing GHG emissions, considering circularity and using digitization to increase competitiveness.


CERMI_Sol - Solar Thermal Training Program for ECOWAS Countries

The overall goal of the Solar Thermal Training Program is to contribute to the switch from a fossil fuel-based energy supply to a sustainable energy system based on renewable energies in general but on solar thermal in particular. In several theoretical and practical training lessons key experts were trained in the use of existing solar thermal technology.

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