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Solar combisystems

Erection of approximately 140 solar thermal combisystems in 6 European countries in cooperation with the solar thermal industry.


Operational analysis and optimisation of the passive office building “W.E.I.Z.”

The energy innovation centre of the city of Weiz, “W.E.I.Z.”, represents the state of the art of energy efficiency and economical building technology as a passive house building.


Passive cooling concepts for office and administration buildings by means of underground heat exchanger

Passive cooling concepts for office and administration buildings with air or water operated underground heat exchanger. Comparison between passive cooling concepts and conventional air conditioning systems.


Solar supported heating networks

Optimisations and standardisation of system concepts for solar thermal systems in multi-family houses.


Development of solar thermal systems with unproblematic stagnation behaviour

Studies on the impact of the collector hydraulic , piping and arrangement of fittings on stagnation behaviour of solar thermal systems.


Ventilation system by means of an air to earth underground heat exchanger for the municipal hall of Gleisdorf, Austria

Planning of an air to earth underground heat exchanger as pre-cooling for an air-conditioning system for the municipal hall of Gleisdorf and compilation of the monitoring results during the first year in operation.



Dissemination of the research and development results from the 4th and the 5th framework program of the European Union.


Photovoltaic and solar thermal systems for hospitals in Wasso and Endulen, Tanzania

The hospitals in Wasso and Endulen in the most northern part of Serengeti in Tanzania were erected with Austrian aid in the beginning of the 60ies.


Solar thermal collectors in the façade

Development of technique and components for the production of back ventilation-free thermal flat collectors.

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