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Development of planning tools for air to earth underground heat exchangers

Study of the applicability of air to earth underground heat exchangers for pre-cooling of the air-conditioning air for buildings and compilation of a simulation program and a planning handbook.


Monitoring studies and analyses of passive houses in the framework of the CEPHEUS-Project

Monitoring studies of passive houses in more than 200 apartments in five European countries.


Study on stagnation behaviour of solar thermal system

Study of the impact of the collector hydraulic, piping and arrangement of fittings on stagnation behaviour on solar thermal systems.


AGRISOL Solar thermal systems for the tourism industry in rural areas

The goal of this project was to transfer the self-constructed solar thermal systems, which were practised with great success in Austria, to Italy and France.


energytech.at |- The internet platform for innovative energy technologies

energytech.at is a virtual display window and an information tool for energy technologies in the field of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.


Development of elastomer metal solar thermal collectors

Development of large solar thermal systems that activates metal sheets, which are mounted in façades or on roofs and the realisation of pilot projects.


Establishment of a production, sales and consulting infrastructure for solar thermal systems in Zimbabwe

In the framework of the project a solar water heater was developed, which is modular and can be manufactured by local companies from materials available in Zimbabwe. To guarantee the further development of the system and the adaptation of the plant concept to different users and requirements, an extensive training programme was conducted.


Solar combisystems, IEA SHC Task 26

Compilation and comparison of solar heated domestic hot water and space heating systems in nine IEA-member countries.


Development of a sorption storage tank for solar space heating

Development of a new-long term storage tank (thermo chemical heat) for solar space heating. Storage medium: silica gel.

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