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REWACEM - Ressource recovery from industrial waste water by cutting edge membrane technologies

Within the project ReWaCEM resources from wastewater from metal processing industry were recovered in 4 pilot demonstration sites by diffusion dialysis and membrane distillation.


GIZ Consulting Lviw - Supporting the transformation processes of district heating in Lviw, Ukraine

Transformation of the District Heating system in Lviv (Ukraine) requires great efforts and investments to be reliable, economic and competitive. AEE INTEC supports local stakeholders in this process.


BIMpeco - Environmental product data in collaborative BIM environments

The BIMpeco project develops and makes available workflows and data structures for the digital life cycle-based management of building products and their environmentally relevant properties.


Anergy2Plus - Demonstration and expansion of an anergy network as part of a holistic energy concept and plus-energy quarter

The aim of the "Anergy2Plus" project is to take a holistic approach to the design, construction and ultimately the use of a residential quarter in the context of energy supply. In the area of thermal energy supply, the demonstration of a supply concept based on cold district heating is intended to create a project on the way to a plus-energy quarter. The demonstration will be supported by a comprehensive monitoring concept. In successive construction phases, further innovative measures will be considered at component and system level. Measures for user integration are embedded in the demonstration, operation and further planning.


IETS Annex 15 - Combination of Methods and Operational Aspects for Industrial Excess Heat-Available Resources, Risk Minimization and Consequences of Future Changes in the Energy System

The international IEA IETS Annex 15 follows a multi-disciplinary approach to the integrated use of industrial waste heat and aims at optimizing energy efficiency in a global context.


HIPSTERS - High value Proteins via Sustainable Technologies from Residual Streams

The HIPSTERS project deals with fundamental research into an innovative extraction technology and the best extraction agents in order to continuously dissolve proteins directly from biogenic food residue suspensions and recover them for further processing.


IEA ECES ANNEX 36 – Carnot Batteries

Within the framework of the IEA ECES Annex 36, knowledge exchange is taking place at international level between research institutions, industry and decision-makers with regard to the technology of Carnot batteries. Carnot Batteries are an innovative electricity storage system that store electrical energy as thermal energy.


Stanz+ An innovative, energy-flexible plus-energy quarter – the centre of the village Stanz

Stanz + is elaborating an energy strategy for structurally weak municipalities with specific measures for redevelopment of existing buildings and densification with regard to the building stock as well as the integration of renewable energy sources in the municipality of Stanz im Mürztal (Styria). The project includes approaches that can be duplicated with regard to energy autonomy, flexibility of the energy networks and energetical revitalization involving users in the "Rural Pioneers Community" in order to develop and use energy services.


TechAdZero - Key technologies of adaptive building skins for nearly zero energy high-rise buildings

"TechAdZero" investigates the energetic potential and explores optimized configurations of smart adaptive façades for non-residential, nearly-zero-energy high-rise buildings. The project focuses on maximizing energy performance of high-rise building façades by adapting or combining various façade elements to achieve optimal dynamic façade properties for thermal conductivity, solar heat gain, energy transmission, light transmittance, renewable solar energy, shading and ventilation.


RENEWnow - New impulses for the highly energy-efficient renovation of big-volume residential buildings and districts

RENEWnow explores an innovative approach for the highly energy-efficient renovation of apartment buildings in Austria. The aim is to develop a new service model (one-stop shop) for property managers, housing and owner associations through a targeted, novel mix of technical and non-technical measures.

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