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EXCESS - Flexible user-centric energy positive houses

The EXCESS project builds up on nearly-zero energy multi-storey building (consumption below primary energy threshold) residential concepts of the main 4 EU climatic zones towards Energy fleXible user-CEntric poSitive houseS (EXCESS).


Digital Energy Twin - Optimised operation and design of industrial energy systems

To increase efficiency and sustainability in industry a harmonization of energy supply systems with regard to the actual need of industry processes is necessary as well as load management strategies.


Arrowhead Tools

The Arrowhead Tools project aims for digitalisation and automation solutions for the European industry, which will close the gaps that hinder the IT/OT integration by introducing new technologies in an open source platform for the design and run-time engineering of IoT and System of Systems.


CORES - Integration of combined renewable energy systems for industry

Secure energy supply is of great importance for industry and can only be achieved through the optimal use of all available renewable resources in order to meet international climate targets.


SCIN - Sophisticated Comfort Oriented Intelligent Building Envelopes

The main focus of the SCIN project, which is carried out within the framework of the COIN programme line "Aufbau" of the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs (BMDW), is the development of an application-oriented and market-ready service portfolio for companies from the construction and building technology sector, in order to simplify the development of energy-active facades, significantly shorten development times and reduce development costs.


SHIP Egypt
Training for the Egyptian Industry on Solar Heat in Industrial Processes

The potential of solar process heat in Egypt is immense. Multi-stage training courses for more than 70 energy experts will deal with the topics energy audits, thermal energy efficiency and solar process heat respectively.


ENTRAIN - Enhancing renewable heat planning for improving the air quality of communities

The ENTRAIN project aims at improving the capacities of public authorities to develop and implement local strategies and action plans for enhancing the use of endogenous renewable energy sources in small district heating networks.


Open Data Platform - Green Energy Lab Open Data Platform

The main goal of the Open Data project is the development and implementation of an Open Data Platform (ODP) for the energy sector to provide an easy access and overview of relevant data and interdependencies of a current and future integrated energy system.


Thermaflex Thermal demand and supply as flexible elements of future sustainable energy systems

More flexibility for more renewables in district heating systems - the flagship project "Thermaflex"

In 2016, Austria's space heating requirement amounted to approx. 87 TWh/a (total energy requirement: 311 TWh/a)1. A quarter of this demand is provided by district-heating based heat supply through more than 2000 district heating systems1. Thus, the district heating sector already plays a central role in Austria's energy supply. Due to the already installed infrastructure (approx. 5,400 km pipe length2), the existing expansion potential, especially in dense urban areas, the application of new concepts, technologies and renewable energy sources, the growing possibilities for sector coupling and the resulting contributions to the decarbonisation of our energy system, the district heating sector will become increasingly important in the future.


Spatial Energy Planning - Räumliche Energieplanung für die Wärmewende

HEATatlas and HEATapp for a spatially optimised development of the heat supply infrastructure, taking into account renewable energy potentials and technological options, as well as test applications in selected pioneering municipalities in the federal states of Salzburg, Styria and Vienna.

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