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MOSOL-NET: Development of a modular expandable technical solution, which enable solar supported heating networks in new buildings

Solutions for expandable modular solar supported heating networks are developed for new settlement areas, which are established in several phases during the construction. This modular design should open possibilities to adapt the heating and the solar thermal system.


FEEt - Bestehende fossile oder teilfossile Fernwärmenetze - Einbindung von dezentraler Energie aus Erneuerbaren Energieträgern - Chancen und Hemmnisse

The Austrian district heating systems with a total length of more than 3,400 km and more than 13,000 GWh heat generation per year, show great potential for the adoption of renewable energy (seen as long-terms)...


Solar thermal systems for public bath facilities in Iran

The solar thermal system for public bath facilities in Darakhsh in Iran is a pilot project, which was carried out in cooperation with GREENoneTEC and AEE INTEC. Another 1000 systems are planed to be built.


Solar heat for industrial processes, IEA SHC Task 33/IV

In the aim to reach the goal to develop a market for solar thermal systems for process heat are potential studies, development of mid temperature collectors for the generation of process heat up to 250°C and technical solutions to the integration of solar heat for industrial process being worked on. Furthermore are in the framework of this international cooperation together with the solar industry, demonstration projects realised and process data are gathered and evaluated. The quick know-how transfer is carried out by a yearly industrial newsletter and the performance of symposiums.


Zer0-M – Concepts towards a Zero Output Municipality

Zer0-M aims at concepts and technologies to achieve optimised close-loop usage of all water flows in small municipalities or settlements (e.g. tourism facilities) not connected to a central wastewater treatment - the Zero Outflow Municipality (Zer0-M).


Parabolic Trough Collector System for the Generation of Solar Process Heat (completed)

Development and optimisation of a parabolic trough collector to generate process heat for indutrial application.


Selective, coloured façade collectors – Colourface

Development of selective coloured coatings for solar thermal collectors in façades.


Modular energy storage tank working with the sorption principle with high energy density (MODESTORE)

Heat storage is still one of the major technical problems for the use of renewable energy sources. Especially the use of solar thermal energy for space heating depends strongly on the ability to store heat for a long period of time with as little heat losses as possible. Since 1995, consistent development is taking place with the final goal to construct a sorption heat store and bring it on the market. Starting with fundamental research and simulation studies, a first laboratory prototype system was developed and built within the EU-project HYDES. Laboratory tests showed the general functioning of the system.


The Soltherm Europe Initiative - SOLTHERM

To promote the use of solar energy, the European Commission started the “Soltherm Europe Initiative“ in 2002. The project is an initiative to enhance the rapid market growth of thermal solar plants in Europe.


OPET Building

The Network gathers 36 expert organisations throughout the Europe (12 EU countries, 9 Candidate countries and Israel), all having a mandate to promote innovative, energy-efficient energy technologies with a focus on building-related technologies.

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