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Compact Thermal Energy Storage: Material Development for System Integration (IEA SHC Task42 Storage-Materials)

The objective of the project of the International Energy Agency is to develop advanced materials and systems for compact storage of thermal energy. To reach this goal experts from material research and system technology in different fields of application work together: solar thermal energy, co- and tri-generation and heat pumps, air conditioning, district heating, industrial waste heat, concentrated solar power etc.

Wohnanlage Dieselweg (GIWOG), Graz (Foto: AEE INTEC)

IEA – ECBCS Annex 50 – Prefabricated Systems for Low Energy Renovation of Residential Buildings

The ECBCS Annex 50 aims to improve the energy retrofit performance of typical residential buildings. It is developing and demonstrating efficient renovation concepts which are largely based on optimized and prefabricated renovation modules.



The aim of CombiSol is an increase of the market share of solar thermal combi-systems in Europe accompanied by the optimization of the system quality. The evaluation and the monitoring of 10 systems in Austria are main tasks in the project.


Solar Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration IEA SHC Task 38

The goals of the IEA SHC Task 38 “Solar Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration” are the development and testing of pre-engineered systems of solar heating and cooling in small size. Further goals are the development and testing of specially designed solar air-conditioning and refrigeration systems for non-residential buildings as well as the development of new components for solar cooling systems.


SQUARE - A System for Quality Assurance when Retrofitting Existing Buildings to Energy Efficient Buildings

The QA system should cover both retrofitting and maintenance, since experience shows that a successful energy improvement retrofit will be permanent only if use of the building is guided by effective routines and increase of competence of all parties.

To achieve the intended results of the retrofit requires knowledge, continuity and communication that can be assured by a dynamic and flexible quality assurance (QA) system that describes a systematic and controlled way of working in each country.


HIGH COMBI – High Solar Fraction Heating and Cooling Systems with Combination of Innovative Components and Methods

The EU project HIGH COMBI aims at development and demonstration of solar thermal heating and cooling systems with high solar fraction. Especially in office buildings, where in the summer period domestic hot water load is typically very small but cooling load is high, solar cooling is a perfect match to a solar heating system.


Nachhaltige Siedlungswasserwirtschaft - Praktische Anwendungen (NASPA)

Vor allem für ländliche Streusiedlungen ist die zentrale Abwasserentsorgung, wie sie in Ballungszentren üblich ist, nicht zwangsweise die ökologisch und ökonomisch günstigste Variante. Im Hinblick auf eine verantwortungsvolle Nutzung und Schonung unserer natürlichen Ressourcen wurde auch die Notwendigkeit zur Förderung nachhaltiger Systeme in der Siedlungs­wasserwirtschaft erkannt. Aus Mangel an Erfahrungen wurden in Österreich bisher nur wenige solche Systeme umgesetzt...


Solar cooling with parabolic trough collectors and steam jet ejector chiller

A system for solar cold production is being developed in this project. Parabolic trough collectors are used to generate steam at a temperature level of 150-200°C. The steam then drives a steam jet ejector chiller.


Advanced storage concepts for solar and low energy buildings, IEA-SHC Task 32

In Task 32 of the International Energy Agency, advanced heat storage concepts for solar and low energy buildings are being developed. These storage concepts should allow to reach a solar fraction of more than 50 % for single-family houses with a high energy density and low costs.


Cooling retrofit concepts for offices and administrative buildings - COOLSAN

The operation of ten thousand Austrian office and administrative buildings ensures an enormous annual consumption of energy, where climatisation plays a central role. The cooling in office and administrative buildings in the European Union show a demand of 193 PJ, which is a crude oil equivalent of 4,608 million tons (EU, 2000)...

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