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Systematic renovation of social housing

This project treats a global renovation of a residential estate built in the 1960s in the context of council housing in a laggard region. The point is to optimise the renovation in all partitions which include habitation with a systemic approach in an interdisciplinary team.


PROCESOL II - Solar thermal process heating coupled with heat recovery technologies in industrial applications

The aim of the project is to elaborate basic knowledge of the design of solar thermal plants for process heat generation combined with heat recovery measures. The knowledge shall be transported to the target group of HVAC designers, installing companies and production companies in the participating countries Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Portugal and Spain.



New Generation of Solar Thermal Systems.


SolProBat – Development of a Methodology for the Integration of Solar Thermal Process Heat in Batch Processes

The Austrian food, textile and chemical industry show a high potential for the generation of solar process heat. This was shown by the project “PROMISE” performed within the initiative “Fabrik der Zukunft – factory of tomorrow” of the Austrian Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology. Production processes are run in batch operation in many cases. A solar thermal process heat plant produces energy whenever the solar irradiation is high enough and does not take the production scheme into consideration.


MOSOL-NET: Development of a modular expandable technical solution, which enable solar supported heating networks in new buildings

Solutions for expandable modular solar supported heating networks are developed for new settlement areas, which are established in several phases during the construction. This modular design should open possibilities to adapt the heating and the solar thermal system.


Solar thermal systems for public bath facilities in Iran

The solar thermal system for public bath facilities in Darakhsh in Iran is a pilot project, which was carried out in cooperation with GREENoneTEC and AEE INTEC. Another 1000 systems are planed to be built.


Solar heat for industrial processes, IEA SHC Task 33/IV

In the aim to reach the goal to develop a market for solar thermal systems for process heat are potential studies, development of mid temperature collectors for the generation of process heat up to 250°C and technical solutions to the integration of solar heat for industrial process being worked on. Furthermore are in the framework of this international cooperation together with the solar industry, demonstration projects realised and process data are gathered and evaluated. The quick know-how transfer is carried out by a yearly industrial newsletter and the performance of symposiums.


Zer0-M – Concepts towards a Zero Output Municipality

Zer0-M aims at concepts and technologies to achieve optimised close-loop usage of all water flows in small municipalities or settlements (e.g. tourism facilities) not connected to a central wastewater treatment - the Zero Outflow Municipality (Zer0-M).


Parabolic Trough Collector System for the Generation of Solar Process Heat (completed)

Development and optimisation of a parabolic trough collector to generate process heat for indutrial application.


Selective, coloured façade collectors – Colourface

Development of selective coloured coatings for solar thermal collectors in façades.

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