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Customized energy roadmap for small regions and municipalities in Eastern Styria, module “municipal retrofit”

Within the East-Styrian key project “Customized Energy Roadmap” thematic modules of implementation and knowledge for the use of renewable energy sources and energy efficient technologies in small regions and municipalities will be made. In “ENMA-retrofit” the module “municipal retrofit” will be developed and aims to apply high performance retrofit of large-volumed municipal and residential buildings.


Evaluation of Large-Scale Solar Collector Plants

Solar thermal systems are commonly used in residential buildings, hotels, sports facilities, hospitals, farms and business enterprises as show thousands of plants in operation in Austria. The present project targets for quality management in solar thermal plants to assure development in applictions and market growth.


PH 2.0 - The development of optimised practice-oriented planning and performance documents for passive houses of the 2nd generation

The project is based on the results from and analyses of the monitoring of big-volume passive houses of different building types in Austria. With reference to this a handbook for “passive houses of the 2nd generation” was launched. It includes planning and innovative technical solutions to optimise energy efficiency and user’s comfort.


School vent cool

The project “School vent cool” develops different high performance renovation strategies for school buildings. New solutions for ventilation systems, natural cooling and application of prefabricated modules will be investigated.



Within the EINSTEIN software, specially designed for energy managers and consultants, a methodology was developed for the purpose of systematically reducing CO2 emission in producing industries.


PROMISE Application

PROMISE APPLICATION aims to sensibly combine the use of solar thermal energy in production companies that work in the field of metal and plastic surface treatment in an energetic and economic way with measures to enhance energy efficiency and the use of other renewable energy sources.


Low Carbon Agro Industry

The Government of Macedonia (represented by the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning) requested on 20 August 2009 support from UNIDO for low carbon industrial development through Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP).


e80^3-Buildings – Renovation Concepts for Residential Buildings to Plus-Energy Buildings

Subproject 1 “Basics”

This project is a subproject of the flagship project “e80^3-Buildings – Renovation Concepts for Residential Buildings to Plus-Energy Buildings with Prefabricated Active Roof-and Façade Modules, Integrated Building Services and Grid Integration”

Goal of the subproject 1 was to select the building with the highest potential within a building-portfolio. Therefore a criteria catalogue was developed, which is generally applicable.


WEX-RES Renewable energy systems in Austria and their economic growth rates and export potentials

The main focus of this R&D project is an evaluation of the long-term potentials of renewable energy systems in Austria till 2020, primarily with regard to their expectable economic growth rates and export trends. In due consideration of changing economical and political boundary conditions the project aims at strategical recommendations for further future developments and R&D activities.


Solar Thermal Potential in Europe

In order to provide the European Union and its Member States with substantiated information on the solar thermal contribution to the 20% renewable energy target and its long-term potential, detailed surveys were conducted using a representative sample of five European countries and the information is being extrapolated to the EU-27 countries. Both the technical and economic potential of solar thermal technologies were examined for different applications.
The study was carried out for the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF)

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