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26. - 27. Mär. 20

Solar Process Heat Experts Meeting and Industry Workshop has been cancelled

Veranstaltungsort: Cologne, Germany

Veranstalter: German Aerospace Center, Institute of Solar Research

The Experts Meeting will be organised as an online meeting. The Industry Workshop has been cancelled. 
For participating please send an e-mail to Prof. Dr. Andreas Häberle, SPF: andreas.haeberle@spf.ch. It is planned to catch up on the Industry Workshop on a later date, possibly at another place.

Welcome to the 1st Experts Meeting and Industry Workshop on Solar Process Heat of the joint IEA SHC Task 49 and SolarPACES Task IV on March 26th and 27th  2020. 

You are cordially invited to join the Task Meeting and/or the Industry Workshop on Solar Process Heat at the premises of DLR in Cologne.

The industrial sector accounts for approximately 30% of the total energy consumption in the OECD countries. The major share of the energy that is needed in industrial companies, services and agriculture is used for heating and cooling of buildings and for production processes at temperatures from ambient up to approx. 400-500°C. This is a temperature range that can well be addressed with solar thermal technologies.

The newly founded IEA Task “Solar Process Heat” addresses this field of energy supply within subtasks which will be discussed on March 26th:
Subtask A: Integrated energy systems
Subtask B: Modularization 
Subtask C: Simulation and design tools
Subtask D: Standardization/Certification
Subtask E: Guideline to market

The next day’s industry workshop focuses on the exchange between industrial and scientific experts for the implementation of solar thermal process heat technologies in Central Europe.
Participants will be informed about the status of projects worldwide, energy supply from solar and the related costs. Solar field suppliers, EPC’s and contractors will share their technical experience. This will be complemented by speeches on financing and business models as well as financing funding opportunities in Central Europe. 
For a major share of the time discussions are planned among the participants as to find solutions for a faster implementation of solar thermal process heat technologies.

Depending on the development of the coronavirus and the steps taken by governmental institutions, a physical presence at the Task Meeting and the Industry Workshop might not be possible. In this case the participants will be contacted and their registration fees will be refunded.

We are looking forward to meeting you at Solar Process Heat 1st Experts Meeting and Industry Workshop in Cologne.

Juergen Fluch and Christoph Brunner