„nachhaltige technologien - 2|2020"

The 2 nd International Sustainable Energy Conference - ISEC 2020 , organized by AEE INTEC, sees itself as a promoter of innovative ideas in the areas of renewable energy systems and resource efficiency, and is intended to be a forum for research, industry and energy policy. The conference is postponed due to corona pandemic to 13 – 15 October 2021 in Graz, Austria. Renewable Heating and Cooling in Integrated Urban and Industrial Energy Systems Conference Topics Technologies and Systems for Buildings, Industry, Districts and Cities • Renewable Heating and Cooling • Emerging Heat and Cold Storages • Solutions for Energy Efficiency • Sustainable Renovation • Energy and Resource Recovery from Low-grade Sources • Process Intensification • Coupling of Energy Sectors • Flexibility and Stability of Thermal and Electric Grids • Future District Heating and Cooling Technologies • Replacement of big fossil Power Plants by Renewables – Impact on District Heating Support Schemes for Implementation • Policies for Renewable Heating and Cooling • Spatial Energy Planning with Focus on Renewable Energies • IT Technologies and Artificial Intelligence for Management of Future Energy Systems • Life Cycle Assessment for Renewable Energy Systems • Finance and Business Models driving Renewable Heating and Cooling • Smart Services and System Operation All topics above that have a special focus on developing countries 2 nd INTERNATIONAL SUSTAINABLE ENERGY CONFERENCE 2020 Postponed to 13 – 15 October 2021 Congress Graz, Austria Organized by Co-Organizer Supported by In Cooperation with Silver Sponsor e-mail: isec2020@aee.at | www.aee-intec-events.at #isec2020 Registrations are valid for 2021 If you have already registered for the conference, you are automatically registered for ISEC 2021. In case you want to cancel your registration, please send an e-mail to the following address: isec2020@aee.at Abstracts remain submitted Your submitted abstract will remain in the system and will be reviewed in 2021. Before the review, however, you have the possibility to update your abstract from 13th January until 14th March 2021. You will also get a reminder again in January 2021. POSTPONED due to corona pandemic to 13 – 15 October 2021 P.b.b. 02Z032494 M AEE-Dachverband Feldgasse 19, A-8200 Gleisdorf Buerau de poste A-8200 Gleisdorf (Autriche) >Imprime< Envoi à taxe réduite ANZEIGE