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The building sector is responsible for more than one third of the global final energy demand and almost 40% of the total direct and indirect CO2 emissions. The building industry is therefore one of the resource-intensive sectors of the economy. AEE INTEC's "Buildings" sector focuses on zero and plus energy buildings with regards to new construction and renovation. Efficiency, optimized building services engineering and the integration of renewable energy sources are an elementary part of this. Under the laws of thermodynamics and physics, AEE INTEC develops building and technology concepts at different scales based on the three-pillar model of sustainable development (ecology, economy and social issues) in buildings as well as in public spaces. Our R&D activities cover a broad spectrum from the development of individual components to demonstration projects on a neighbourhood scale. The central point of our activities is the consideration of the entire "building" system over its life cycle. In doing so, the local boundary conditions, residents, building shape, construction, comfort, the mechanical operating and intelligent control systems of the building have a synergetic effect.

Portrait Tobias  Weiss

DI Dr. Tobias Weiss

Head of department Buildings